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Welcome to RVing.Jobs!

RVing.Jobs was created by full-time RV’ers Sean and Adriana Hakes a month after departing for their full-time journey.

Sean is an aspiring entrepreneur who enjoys finding solutions to broken systems and needs. Adriana is a talented published journalist and a former school teacher specializing in children with non-verbal learning disabilities.

How we got started…

Sean and Adriana first planned to go full time in 2012. They traded in their smaller 24′ Aerolite travel trailer for a 37′ Kodiak 300bhsl bunkhouse. Everything was planned out until life happened.

Over the years, the couple has spent a lot of time on various RV forums, which all had similar themes. Whether an aspiring full-time RV’er or a current full-time RV’er, everyone wanted to know how to make money on the road. The most common way we found that people make money on the road is through workamping. Workamping is a way for RV’ers to get discounted or free rent and sometimes compensation in exchange for work. Typical work might be groundskeeping, being a camp host, cleaning the bathrooms, being a lifeguard, etc. Unfortunately, not all workamping gigs are not alike, and we’ve seen a lot of campgrounds take advantage of those in need by trading out a $50/mo space for 20-30 hours of work per month and no additional compensation. This is one of the many reasons that many workampers live at or below poverty in the United States.

This is why RVing.Jobs was born…

There shouldn’t be any reason why a campground would trade 20-30+ hours plus per week for for a $50/day campsite. Even if the campsite was $200/day it still wouldn’t make sense. This is simply a campground taking advantage of someone’s situation. At RVing.Jobs we’re going to do things much differently and we’re going to open up the marketplace for freelancers and contractors to easily find work as well, one campground at a time.

Who is RVing.Jobs for?

  • FREELANCERS – There is a crazy amount full-time RVing talent out there and it all starts with freelancers. Whether you’re a graphic designer, digital marketer, photographer, public relations specialist, attorney etc, you name – there’s a full-time RV’er that does it. Freelancers will be one of the first who will be able to join RVing.jobs in our phase 1 rollout. This will allow freelancers to fill out their profiles, share their rates, showcase their portfolios and sell potential employers or partners why they should be their next project-based hire.
  • JOB SEEKERS – Is freelancing not your thing? No worries because a huge focus of RVing.Jobs will be to connect job seekers with ‘full-time friendly’ employers. Whether it’s part-time, or full-time work you’re seeking, you’ll be able to find remote working opportunities that cater to your lifestyle.
  • EMPLOYERS – Do you have a legitimate employment opportunity for a hardworking full-time RV’er? Whether you’re in search of new seasonal workampers, full-time employment, part-time, contractor or even freelancers, this is the place for you!

We’re in Beta – what does that mean?

We’re new and there are likely going to be some minor hiccups along the way. We ask that you be patient with us as we continue to build out the site, add new features and provide increasing value for our employer members, freelancers and job seekers alike. Do you have an idea on how to improve our site? We’d love to hear from you.

Finally, we are small business owners and have very limited funding. We encourage you to help us help you by sharing our site, sharing our Facebook page and helping us all grow together. When we both grow, everyone wins!

Thanks so much for your support. Please check out our personal FB page @OpenRoadRVing for more info.


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